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- Tips for setting up, moderating and promoting NFT or Cryptocurrencies

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Discord is a great place to start an online community. Discord servers have become excellent venues for like-minded people to meet.

Discord Server Setup

Discord categories and channel setup

Setting up categories and channels is the first step. This is the backbone of your server, and how you configure it will have a significant impact on your community’s capacity to interact.

The information category will be used to share essential information with your community.


This channel is for team announcements. This is the fastest way to update your community.


It is typical for cryptocurrencies or NFT collections to include a roadmap stating their future for the project. This is the spot to lay down or at least link to your project’s roadmap.


Here you can post all of your official links. This channel will connect your community to officially approved links so they can trust the sites they visit.


As your community expands, you’ll require a FAQ section. This is the spot. Typical questions to be listed and answered.


Most of the communication will occur here. Verified individuals can join these discussions and discuss the cryptocurrencies or NFT project.

Discord important roles


This will be sent to all members who join your server and are not bots. Verified members will be able to see all channels.


This Team position is for team members. It will almost always grant full permissions.


This role will be provided to community moderators.


This position is assigned to bots after they join the chat. They need full permissions to conduct their tasks properly.

Discord Permission setup

  • Team: should be set to allow everything (except for team members who do not require such rights)
  • Moderator: should have read and write permissions in all channels but not able to change channels or server settings
  • Bots: Bots need all permissions to work
  • Member: Members should have the least rights. They should be able to read only all informational channels and only write in the “community” channels

Discord Bot Setup

MEE6 bot adds plenty of features to your server like:

  • Greetings
  • Reactions
  • Statistics
  • Leaderboards
  • Social media integration

Collab.Land bot is more complex. The bot can link to Web3 blockchains like Ethereum so you can check if a member actually holds a certain NFT.

Where to seek for Discord Mods in 2022

Discord is commonly used for NFT initiatives, Crypto firms, and gaming. Spending time moderating your Discord server as a company founder can be a waste of time. So, when the time comes, look for good Discord mods. This article will show you where to look for moderators for your Discord server.

Where to find Discord mods?

Find skilled mods in other servers you enjoy. You can see how a moderator manages their workload from here. We suggest researching similar companies, searching their active moderators list, and DMing them to see if they are open to more work.

Working with an agency may be for you if you don’t want to manage the hiring and management of Discord moderators. It is possible to hire a team of expert moderators to oversee your Discord server.

In marketing, getting a referral from a trusted friend or colleague is prudent. Ask your friends if they know any good moderators.

Upwork and Fiverr are common places to locate moderators for Discord communities. By looking at former employers’ feedback and ratings, Upwork makes it simple to discover moderators with similar experience. Using Upwork allows you to narrow your search by price and location, ensuring your server has continual mod coverage.

Discord Moderator hiring

Moderator (or Mod) assist manage communities on platforms like Discord. They keep communities enthused and enforce laws.

Experienced moderators cost between $800 and $2800 each month. You have to pay higher if you hiring an agency to moderate your discord servers0

When hiring Discord moderators, here are some questions to consider:

  • What do you charge?
  • How often do you bill?
  • Acceptable payment methods
  • Which groups have you previously moderated?

Best Crypto Discord Servers To Promote Your Business

A market-focused Discord server is different from a news-focused Discord server. Everyone should have access to a crypto Discord community. Join many servers to find the best fit for your organization and brand. You can promote your business or product in several crypto Discord communities.

Cracking Crypto

Cracking Crypto has 11k members, making it one of the largest communities on the list. It’s an extremely active forum with about 2,000 individuals online at any given time. Their dedicated trading channels provide customers a unique perspective on the markets that they wouldn’t otherwise have.


This Discord server is for the Reddit cryptocurrency subreddit. With 27k members, it is the largest server on this list because of its ties to a significant site. So, crypto is no longer a minority topic and is going popular. This group is fantastic for learning about bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto application cases. So it’d be fantastic for any organization with beginner-friendly content.

Crypto Show

Crypto Show is a community dedicated to teaching and assisting new crypto fans. They now have over 1.7k members and rising daily. These outstanding firms are often shared by the server moderators after they have been thoroughly vetted. And they do the same for brands. Overall, the admins do a good job vetting projects.

Crypto World

For expert traders and investors, Crypto World has 2.5k members. Don’t expect to learn about smart trading or automated trading here. To protect against things like bots, they demand verification to join. Another wonderful community to look into if your project is highly focused on trading and investing.

Crypto Rand

Crypto Rand is the list’s largest trading server. It has about 2,000 daily users and approximately 20,000 total members. You must pass some easy tests to prove you are not a bot. From there, you’ll have access to the server’s most useful data. We suggest you look through each channel and learn about it.

Cron Moon

Crypto Moon is a diverse group that covers a wide range of blockchain topics. This server is unique in that it actively encourages entrepreneurs to promote their brands or businesses on Discord. This channel is certainly business-oriented, including sections for sponsors, advertisers, and other issues.

Cryptex Commonwealth

Cryptex Commonwealth has about 9k members and several hundred active users at any given moment. This area encompasses trading, investment, mining, software, and decentralization. It even contains sections for real-world journalism, crypto security, and politics.


Discord has recently exploded in the crypto space because to its simplicity and capacity to handle massive communities. It’s a terrific method to meet other crypto enthusiasts and debate current events. Crypto discord servers are also a wonderful way to promote your business, especially if it targets traders and investors. It’s entirely up to you whether you want a more laid-back or profit-driven community. 

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