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How to do Reddit crypto marketing and advertising

Marketing cryptocurrencies has always been more challenging and less easy than marketing in other industries. Many traditional advertising and digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram have intricate restrictions that crypto marketers must understand before advertising online.

How about Reddit? Yes. Bitcoin is allowed on Reddit.

Reddit is a place to gather information and communicate with people in a clutter-free atmosphere. Reddit has tons of crypto communities. Some focus on trading, some on ICO analysis, and yet others on a single coin. A lot of targeting possibilities are available once you build your first crypto Reddit ad campaign. One such feature is the ability to target specific crypto communities via subreddits.

Creating a Reddit Ads account and credit card information for billing is the first step. After that, you’ll need to confirm your account via email. Then, you can launch your first crypto ad campaign. Reddit is now one of the best places to advertise for blockchain startups.

Know the Subreddit Culture is the most important step before you start promoting or reddit crypto marketing. Each subreddit has its own culture and rules. Before posting, spend some time on each subreddit to learn the culture. Violations of the rules, whether voiced or unsaid, can result in lifetime bans (especially the large crypto subreddits). Adverts post on Reddit should add value and aren’t overtly promotional. Thus, it will be engaged and appreciated more on Reddit.

If you don’t want to pay for ads, Reddit is still a great location to promote your blockchain brand. Organic, growth hacking-style, guerrilla marketing is also viable on Reddit.

So it’s feasible to implement digital marketing and advertise bitcoin products and services on Reddit, though you need to be clever enough to approach your target audience effectively.

15 Crypto Subreddits for Reddit crypto marketing

Here are 15 top crypto-related Reddit subreddits with more than 50,000 members each. The total members of these make it a total of 5 million members.

Join and spend time on the subreddits that interest you and maybe your target audience the most. Then, you could both learn and partner with these subreddits to start crypto marketing.


1.6M members

The main crypto subreddit. Beginner’s tips to bitcoin memes. It also has news, analysis, and discussions about the first cryptocurrency, so it’s worth a look.


1.1M members

Providing discussions on breaking news, markets, and commentary. Outside of bitcoin, members can discuss any token or blockchain project.


485K members

Ethereum is an application development platform and the site’s most popular altcoin. From breaking news to minor updates, this is the place.


320K members

/r/btc is /r/little bitcoin’s brother. The focus is on bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and other versions of the first cryptocurrency. But the discussions are usually more technical.


230K members

This is the way to trade and make money. Discover exchanges and applications that will help you better understand the market and make your first dollar.


220K members

Ripple was one of the first non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies to gain Banking, payment and exchange technology integrates to minimize expenses.


220K members

Litecoin is a faster form of bitcoin. As a result, this is one of Reddit’s largest altcoin groups.


120K members

It’s all in the name, really. It’s a sub for newbies to bitcoin and crypto in general. The greatest method to trade is to ask questions about how the technology works.


115k members

Stellar is a decentralized program that allows you to spend money anywhere in the world.


100K members

Reddit’s “Fiji Water” for uncensored news, education, and memes. Since they value quality over quantity, only the best news and information will be shared here.


86K members

Any crypto currency not named bitcoin is fair game, including Ethereum, Ripple, and Stellar. /r/altcoin should never be short of content as new tokens are produced every year and many achieve market momentum.


77K members

Intensely interested in ICOs, token sales and crowdsales for blockchain and data chains. The sub has many active investors and is heavily policed to stop spammers and scams.


75K members

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange and a blockchain infrastructure provider. Learn more in this sub.


68K members

This is another trading-focused sub with a smaller community. It’s the ideal spot to learn about trading tactics, digital exchanges, and crypto wallets.


60K members

Coinbase was one of the original crypto exchanges and has a strong trading community.


Reddit is a place to gather information and communicate with people in a clutter-free atmosphere. It’s feasible to promote and advertise crypto currencies on Reddit.

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