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Youtube marketing for cryptocurrencies

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YouTube, widely thought to be the world’s second-largest search engine, has helped content creators share their work through interesting, interactive, and fun videos. Users spend billions of hours each day watching videos on this platform. YouTube is still a big player in video marketing because of its ability to help people find and interact with content quickly.

How to make your Youtube channel stand out

With so many people wanting to be “YouTubers” or people who make videos or entertain people on YouTube, it’s hard to grow a YouTube channel without good video marketing. If you use the right tools and techniques, it isn’t impossible to get through it.

Let’s look at ways to make your YouTube channel stand out and get more people to see your videos.

1) Research and plan before creating your Youtube channel

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s important to be creative and, of course, do market research. If you’re not sure what YouTube marketing is, you can start by looking at how the most popular YouTube channels market their videos.

Make your brand stand out by taking a little of this, and some of that will help. A good place to start is to look at the most popular YouTube videos and see if there are any strategic and technical similarities between them.

2. Do competior analysis and learn from your competitors

People who use YouTube seem to like some of the strategies you’ve chosen. You’ll want to look at what other businesses in your field are doing. If you do a YouTube competitor analysis, you can look for holes in your competitor’s videos. With a good competition study, you may also be able to find things that the YouTube audience needs that you can do to meet them. It may take a long time and be difficult, but the benefits will be well worth it. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools you can use to help you with this work.

Set aside time on a regular basis to plan, shoot, and edit your material. You’ll also need to advertise, market, and look at your work. You’ll also need to figure out what your brand’s goals are and come up with a plan for reaching them through video. Once you’ve set up a Brand Account, it’s important to know some ground rules. You should think of your YouTube account as part of your business. To build your channel’s identity and get more followers, follow these YouTube brand rules as you build and change your channel. To make your YouTube channel stand out from the rest, you need to go above and beyond the normal rules for a YouTube channel. It’s important to know what kind of videos people like to watch on YouTube.

3) Brand your channel and make it standout to target audience

YouTube is different from other social networks because it only has videos. If you spend enough time and effort on the platform, you will be able to come up with interesting, shareable content for your growing fan base.

Suppose you find out that people in your field like “how-to” videos more than anything else; you might want to make your YouTube channel a “how-to” channel. Also, you can think of your things as part of the answer to the problems you’re trying to solve in these movies. If, on the other hand, you find out that the people you’re trying to reach like material in the “Q&A” format, you should change the name of your channel to match. You don’t have to only make “how-to” videos if you call your channel “how-to.” In reality, this can be used with different types of videos. It doesn’t have to be the name of your channel that says “how-to.” You don’t have to make it that way. You can, however, say this in the description of your channel and make it clear in the content you make.

4) Make your videos clickbait and appealing

Let’s look at each of the ways to make YouTube videos more interesting.

Invest in designing clickbait YouTube thumbnails

There are a lot of things to think about when you make your first impression, no matter what. When people are on the YouTube dashboard, they are looking for something specific and have a seemingly endless amount of material to choose from. The only thing that will stop them from scrolling is a great YouTube thumbnail. The thumbnail on YouTube should make the person want to click and watch the video. Make sure you keep this in mind if you want to get more people to watch your videos on YouTube! You can use close-up photos and text that draws people in to make your YouTube thumbnails. Here’s a thing to think about when you’re planning your YouTube marketing plan: The thumbnails for YouTube videos must be both appealing and relevant to the content of the video, so they must be both. If it’s possible, make these in a unique way so that people can easily recognize the brand.

Apply the same SEO principles to YouTube descriptions

As a rule, it’s best to start your YouTube video description with your main words. You should, however, not sound spammy or robotic when you talk. You should instead speak in a way that is light and conversational. Also, try to be descriptive and to the point in your YouTube video so that you can give just enough information about the subject matter.

To become a master of YouTube marketing, you first need to make and improve your video’s metadata. There are a lot of different types of metadata. These include the title, description, tags, thumbnail, subtitles, and closed captions.


As with on-page SEO, it is important to make sure that the title of your video are well-written. To make your YouTube video stand out from the rest, you need a clever title. People look at the names of videos first when they scroll through a list, so make sure yours are clear and interesting. They should make your video interesting to them or show that it will help them solve a problem.

Furthermore, having a good title that includes keywords from your industry will help your SEO. To learn more about what people are looking for, you need to do keyword research. The most important information and keywords should be at the top of your title. This way, search results pages won’t cut off important information. It might be worth doing a voice search on YouTube. Experimenting with this feature will help you figure out if a longer or shorter title is better.

Another thing you should do is keep the titles of your posts to 60 characters or less.


People who watch your video on YouTube will see the first two to three lines of your description. To read the rest of the article, people must click “Show more,” then read on. In fact, very few people will click “show more” to read it all. As a result, always start your description with important links or CTAs and write in a way that gets more people to read and interact with it. Video transcripts could also be a good thing to add to your video description.

In fact, because your video is likely to be full of keywords, video transcripts can have a huge impact on your SEO. For example, include a default channel description that includes your social media links and video credits, as well as the start and end timestamps for each video. Only use #hashtags in the title and description of your videos very sparingly.


Use tags to draw attention to the main words. Tags connect your video to other videos that are similar to it, which increases its reach. When tagging videos, start with the most important words and add in a good mix of popular and long-tail words.


After you post a video on YouTube, you can choose a video category under “Manage Videos” to put it in. Video categories let you put your video in a group with other things on the network. Make sure you go to the Edit menu and choose one from the drop-down list to pick a group.


Customized thumbnails can make a big difference. This is a simple way to get people to watch your YouTube channel. This is because thumbnails are usually used to show videos on the sidebar of the platform, which usually shows videos. So, your thumbnail will make your video look better. This will make your video stand out. When a video has a good-looking thumbnail, it usually ranks better in the YouTube algorithm because more people click on it (CTR).

In most cases, YouTube will take a screenshot from a video and use it as the thumbnail for the video. This can be good, but it can also make an image that isn’t very appealing to people. 

YouTube says that custom thumbnails are used in 90% of the most popular videos on YouTube. During a search for videos, thumbnails are the main images that people see. They can have a big impact on how many people click on and watch your video. On YouTube, they’ll show you some thumbnails for your video. You should choose one that looks clickbait to your target audience.

SRT files

Subtitles and closed captions help your movie be more search-friendly by giving you another chance to emphasize important keywords. You can make sure that YouTube indexes your video the right way by giving it the right metadata. As a result, it will show up when people search for videos like yours.

Subtitles or closed captions can be added to a video by uploading a text transcript or a file with timed subtitles that is right for the video. When filling out your information, be concise and direct. If you try to promote it with words that aren’t related, your material might be thrown out.

Make YouTube playlists by grouping videos on your YouTube channel

Playlists encourage your YouTube viewers to stay on your channel for a longer time, which lets them see more of your YouTube video. They will thank you and give you more views if you make it easier for them to watch. Also, having a well-organized social media channel can be seen as a sign of how professional your brand is. Remember this when you think about how to advertise on YouTube and keep this in mind.

5) Leverage Influencer Marketing to market cryptocurrency

If you want to promote your YouTube channel and get more people to watch your videos, you should think about getting help from a partner. You need to work with other businesses or people who have thousands or millions of followers. They are known as “influencers.”

Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects can be hard to promote because many traditional marketing channels have rules that limit marketing efforts. Influencer marketing has become more popular because traditional advertising channels, such as Google and Facebook, have blocked cryptocurrency advertising, which has led to more people using influencer marketing. If some of these bans have been lifted, influencer marketing can still help businesses get a good return on their money. Keep in mind that if you want to get more attention for your YouTube marketing campaign for bitcoin, having an influencer share the campaign is a great way to get more people to pay attention.

When you do influencer marketing, make sure your values match up with theirs so that you can work together. Otherwise, when people look at the collaboration on YouTube, they can tell that it’s not natural.

Here are some crypto influencers for your reference.

Crypto Chico

It’s one of the most popular channels for people who want to learn about cryptocurrency on YouTube, with more than 200k subscribers. If he has more than 100,000 followers, he is in very good company. There are only a few accounts with more than 100,000 followers. His content is similar to that on other big channels, such as those that cover project reviews, breaking news, and market analysis, but it’s different. A lot of them have a lot of good videos, too.

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency YouTubers on the planet because they do a great job of explaining some of the most popular tokens in the market. He writes a lot about the most interesting projects and gives a lot of good information about their use cases, potential, and market forecast. The channel now has more than 400k subscribers, which is a lot for a channel that has only been around for a little over two years.


There are more than 300,000 people who follow 99Bitcoins. They have been in business for five years. A few of their videos, which show how to buy bitcoin and how to learn about bitcoin basics, have had millions of views. Because of all the valuable information they’ve shared, they’ve built a very strong group of people.

Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily is a channel that talks about the best altcoins and how they can be used. Most of their content is aimed at people who want to know how a coin is doing in the market. They talk about things like the currency’s price projections and how it could be used in the long run. A few of the tokens they’ve talked about in the past are Cardano, Ethereum, Polkdot, and Aave, but there are many more.

6) Try out live streaming on YouTube

Live streaming is becoming more popular because people are becoming more interested in videos that aren’t as polished as they used to be. This is partly because of the COVID-19 virus, which led to a stop in large-scale video production and a shift to DIY video formats. If your video allows people to connect with your brand on a more personal level, it will be more popular than one that is very well-made. In order to make your videos seem more natural and relatable, you should shoot them in a natural setting, like someone’s home. A live stream can also give your brand a face, which makes people feel more connected to it.

8 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a good way for businesses worldwide to get in touch with new customers. Millions of videos are added to the platform every minute, so keep this in mind. With so much new material being made daily, brands must work hard to stand out.

Here are a few tips to help your company sell your blockchain business on YouTube better.

1) Create engaging content

Over the last few years, content marketing has changed a lot. Videos have taken the lead. It is now widely thought to be the best way for brands to connect with their target customers.

Video marketing isn’t as hard as it looks. Vlogs, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, webinars, tutorials, live streaming, user-generated videos, and other types of video marketing are all interesting. Brand storytelling can help a company stand out from the crowd while also motivating staff and enthralling customers. As a result, behind-the-scenes videos that show a company’s culture are one of the best types of videos that can be used. They make the experience more immersive by letting people connect with you. It’s just a matter of finding out what video content people like and then giving it to them so that they can learn more about your brand, connect with customers, and get them to act.

2) Make your videos easier to find

Like any other piece of content, your YouTube videos must be well-optimized for keywords, tags, and other things.

Consider these YouTube SEO tips to improve your chances of getting more views on YouTube:

  • Incorporate keywords into the titles and descriptions of your videos
  • Use keywords in the content of your video, rest assured that YouTube will be able to figure out what your video is about
  • Find ways for videos to get a lot of attention (likes, comments, and views), which resulting in showing up more in search results
  • Create relevant categories for you videos as that will help YouTube figure out who to show your videos to
  • Add tags to give clearer information about your videos on YouTube

3) Leverage YouTube community

People who use YouTube, like people who use any other social media site, must talk to their followers all the time. If you only post videos and don’t allow people to comment or debate. Your use of the platform isn’t taking full advantage of all its features.

The network gives points to channels that get a lot of attention, including how much time people spend on them, how many likes and dislikes they have, and how many comments they make. Therefore, YouTubers and celebrities are so popular on the site and why they make so much money.

The only way to grow your YouTube channel is to promote your videos. You also need to get involved in the community. This lets you meet people who have the same goals as you, get advice, and share your hobbies. Engaging with other YouTubers and starting and participating in conversations can help you build good relationships with the community. In the same way, going to events like VidCon can help you meet other artists and find the right people to connect with within your field.

So, as you can see, for your interactions on YouTube to be successful, you need to have a good social media outreach plan.

4) Spread the word about your videos and Youtube channel

You can spread the word about your YouTube videos to your other social media accounts. This will help your videos get more views.

You can spread the word about your YouTube videos to your other social media accounts. In general, you would spread your content across all your social media and websites. This will help your videos get more views.

Cross-promote your YouTube videos in several ways, such as: Making video teasers to make people more excited. People who follow or subscribe to your videos will be able to see how you make them by giving them behind-the-scenes content. People who follow you should be told when you have a new video.

5) Have a contest or give away something

Subscribers are always happy when they get free things. YouTube contests and giveaways can help you get more people to follow your channel and participate in them. However, you must be careful when you run a lot of YouTube contests and make sure that your efforts are rewarded.

One of the best ways to run a social media contest is to give people things that are related to your brand. This way, you only get people who are interested in your brand, not people who are just looking for freebies. Furthermore, by giving away branded items, you can encourage people to make their own content, which is a real way to promote your brand.

6) Collaborate with other Youtube creators and brands to promote

Many YouTube stars have used collaboration with other users to get more people to watch their videos. Collaboration with another YouTuber can help you grow your channel because you have two different groups of people watching your content. You’ll be able to reach more people this way when you work with another content provider who the public likes and trusts. They are more likely to watch your channel if they see it. These people may become long-term subscribers in the future.

To work together well, you need to find a content creator who shares your brand’s interests so that your material stays true. This person should be an expert in your field or be a good match for your field.

7) Promote for your channel using YouTube ad

Investing in your YouTube channel’s organic growth is the safest way to get more people to see it. However, it doesn’t hurt to add some paid promotion to speed things up. Paid advertisements are an important part of any successful marketing plan. If you think that YouTube marketing is the next big thing for your company, you should think about paying for some sponsored YouTube ads at some point.

Creating a YouTube ad campaign can help you get more views and subscribers to your page. However, it is important only to use ads that are within your budget. Before you start spending money on YouTube ads, you should do more research. This research should help you figure out which types of YouTube videos are most popular. You can use this information to tailor your content to the people you want to reach.

You can try out different types of video ads, like TrueView Ads, Video Discovery Ads, and In-Stream Ads, to see which one works best for you. They are the most common type of video ad where marketers only pay if people watch or interact with their ad.

The second type of YouTube ad shows up on the site’s homepage, search results pages, and related videos on video watch pages. Finally, before a person watches the video they have chosen on YouTube, there are ads that show up in the stream.

8) Upload more video on frequent basis

Finally, to get more people to watch your videos, you need to post at least one video a week. This may seem like a lot of work, but there is no need to hire a design or editing staff or spend a lot on advertising. Smartphones now have tools that make it easy for everyone to take good videos and make editing videos easy, as well.

It’s what you do with great content that makes your followers into fans of your business that makes them champions for you. Constantly posting new content will keep your subscribers interested and keep them up to date on new video releases.

3 key strategies for crypto Marketing success on YouTube

Knowing your audience

Making a video should start with getting to know the people you want to reach and what they want to see from you. During the process of making content, make sure it fits with what your target audience wants. Begin by looking at videos made by your competitors or by other video artists in your field. Understanding which of their videos gets the most views and engagement will help you figure out what your audience wants to learn about and what kind of video they like best. You should also keep an eye out for hot topics so that you can be the first to write about them.

If you’ve already put videos on your channel, another option is to look at your YouTube stats. This will give you a good idea of what content has done well in the past. People can get a lot of information about the demographics, geography, interaction, and other useful statistics of the people who watch YouTube.

Tailor your content to your target audience to ensure you send the right message to them. This means that you should spend some time learning about your target group. The better you can figure out who your ideal customer is, the better prepared you will be. As a result, the chances of having a successful Youtube marketing campaign go up.

Determine powerful value proposition

To get the most out of your Youtube ad campaign, make sure you give a strong value proposition about your product or service’s core value offering to target audience.

This strategy, when used with a promotion or special, can be a good way to reach out to people on YouTube. Because customers like to feel like they are getting a good deal. This means that for businesses who want to grow their customer base, using a coupon or promotion can be a big help. Promotion is one of the most tried and true ways to reach customers in a way that makes them more likely to buy.

Establish thought leadership and credibility

One strategy of starting a bitcoin YouTube marketing campaign is that you will establish more thought leadership and credibility towards your target audience. As a result, you will be able to get new users and customers.

Social proof from people who have used your service could be a good way to get someone to sign up for it. Using Youtube to market your blockchain business is an easy way to build trust with your customers very quickly.

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