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Twitter leadership’s favor for Crypto Marketing

What comes to mind when you think of Twitter and crypto is Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s infamous shilling on the popular microblogging network. Simple tweets from popular accounts like Musk’s have recently influenced the price trajectories of several cryptocurrencies.

But Crypto Twitter is more than just a few loud accounts. It’s a growing community of bloggers, influencers, investors, speculators, business founders, and developers who take crypto seriously. Almost every crypto and DeFi (decentralized finance) initiative has a Twitter account. It is one of the most convenient ways to inform a large and curious audience about a project’s progress.

Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter who has spent the previous few years championing blockchain and crypto development, has a libertarian outlook on free speech and public conversation, in addition to openly supporting bitcoin. Since Jack Dorsey’s resignation, with or without Jack Dorsey, it’s clear from Twitter’s recent steps, led by Parag Agrawal, that the firm sees its future in cryptocurrencies and decentralization.

Learn how to use and manage Twitter before starting crypto marketing

You can’t properly utilize it unless you know all of its features, benefits, and advantages.

The simplest feature is tweets. You can write whatever you want inside 280 characters. It’s a great way to make minor and huge project announcements. A user’s remark can be reposted via Retweets and Quote Tweets. If used wisely, it can greatly expand a project’s reach.

Unfollowing a market influencer can bring thousands of new followers and even more eager eyes to the project. Quote tweets are a smart way to share valuable content and build communities.

Twitter management is also about hashtag efficiency. It is used to classify and categorize. But participating in popular subjects is critical to staying relevant and gaining attention. Understand the value of pinned tweets and threads.

While pinned tweets assist draw attention to a certain facet of the project, tweet threads help enhance and amplify a message. Insights into how the market is behaving and tactics the project should take based on that industry behavior can be gained by properly analyzing user engagement data on Twitter.

How important is Twitter for crypto brands?

Some crypto companies found that social media accounts for 6% to 10% of traffic. And 60-70% of social media traffic is from Twitter. That should be a stat if you want to compare the importance of which social media channel you should be focus on.

Twitter allows marketers, especially those with minimal resources, to publish content rapidly. It’s basically a text message. It’s that simple to get in front of thousands of people. Because of this, and the fact that Twitter is encrypted, it could be the first choice for cryptocurrencies’ social media account.

You can’t run a successful business without encrypted, without a presence on Twitter. Twitter is a distinct social media that contributes to the blockchain and crypto-culture community. You have to go to Twitter to see what the crypto community is saying. It’s a diverse bunch of people with diverse perspectives. It’s the space’s thinking leader.

Vitalik Buterin is a well-known crypto figure. Not only is Buterin a co-founder of Ethereum, but his influence as a thought leader has a long-term impact on the crypto sector. Buterin utilizes Twitter to interact with his followers, answer questions, and provide insight. He has 2.4 million Twitter followers.

Nick Szabo, another crypto pioneer, has over 307,000 Twitter followers. Gavin Wood, an Ethereum co-founder who founded Polkadot, Kusama, Parity, and the Web3 Foundation, has approximately 200,000 followers.

Why does it matter? We chose these data to start our conversation because they indicate how frequently and seriously industry leaders use Twitter. They utilize Twitter to engage with industry stakeholders and users to better understand their needs.

Twitter is a creative hotbed. It compares two fresh ideas. It’s where inquiries meet counter-questions. These discussions help shape ideas and assess their practicality. Twitter’s memes, tweetstorms, and trending hashtags help develop or manage innovation perception.

These elements are vital in a new and expanding market like crypto. As an industry participant, you must establish your voice. Twitter is a great way to promote your product launch and make it known to a broad audience.

Do you know what to do on Twitter? Just be as authentic, sincere, and honest as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to disagree. In order to promote, sell, or participate with any community, you must first grasp the culture. Crypto is a very community in its culture. Blockchain projects are driven by volunteers who are dedicated to a cause. And Twitter is one of the finest platforms to kind of convey who you are, what your objective is, and repeat it often.

How often to tweet?

You should publish at least once daily. But you should create content with a purpose in mind, whether it’s engagement, traffic or Twitter interaction.

There should be a distinction between how you speak to people on Twitter and what kind of community you establish. You should also consider your content’s quality.

And if you just tweet once a week, there’s not enough substance for someone to keep seeing your tweets in their feed. Twitter no longer works in a chronological order. These days, it’s all about how often someone tweets, or how often you see it.

Twitter hashtags

When more people are using social media, these platforms are getting clogged up with new stuff. They’re striving to develop more complex algorithms for serving consumers material. And hashtags are a significant element of that system.

Hashtags are vital. Hashtags help arrange content on a platform that is otherwise unorganizable. Because sorting content is becoming more challenging. And hashtags help a lot.

In terms of marketing, it’s crucial for new brands because they won’t be seen otherwise. Their material needs to be viewed and followed by as many people as possible, but it’s also ideal for engaging certain audiences. Our brand can now go click on that and see everybody who’s engaged in this campaign or adding a campaign-specific hashtag to assess the effectiveness or engagement of certain material.

It’s effective on Twitter to utilize Bitcoin in a phrase and use the hashtag, or even the dollar signs to do the currency signs another one.

Choosing which hashtags to use is also a science. It’s a keyword. It’s discovering a popular but low-competition term or hashtag.

Does Givingaways trick works on Twitter?

The answer is yes. Giving away stuff to get the engagement you want is one of the oldest tricks that have been around for long time. Because people enjoy free stuff, especially when it comes to social media. It’s a given.

Using giveaway helps on Twitters because they help you to acquire followers fast. But they don’t last long. And many of the accounts that follow you are setup especially for these incentives. On Twitter, you may get a lot of bots because many of them exist solely to participate contests and giveaways and win free items. When giving something out, keep in mind that it may not be only your target demographic’s interest as a giveaway attracts anyone who wants to win free items. Everyone will be interested in money given away. So you may not get the attention that you expected since the audience isn’t right. So you should use them judiciously. The most important thing is to set goals and understand what you want from it. If you decide that a giveaway is right for you and your goal, prepare a strategy and make sure you know what you’re giving away and when you’re giving away.

The best sweepstakes are substantial giveaways. You would involve a lot of people from such giveaways. You should plan it six or eight months in advance and write loads of blogs about it to get people to join up. And you develop a campaign around the sweepstakes, not simply a one-off excursion. And when someone wins, make it a big affair and speak about it for months. And then you receive all the content, plus a lot more media value than you pay for.

To sum up, this trick is suitable for brand that want to achieve mass reach or to raise big brand awareness. Keep in mind that there’s always a trade-off between volume and getting a properly focused lead. Generally, the more valuable and targeted the lead, the more specialized the lead.

How to balance quality and quantity on Twitter?

Twitter allows you to see report. You could base on engagement rate to see if your material is good. For example, if you tweeted something and got more followers than usual, you may notice that this tweet actually drove people to follow me because every piece of content nowadays promotes various user behavior. Some are copies they may want to retweet, while others are just things they may want to enjoy and share. Most of them follow you.

Twitter is the right venue to transmit that message to the most engaged people in the industry. So, from a marketer’s standpoint, rapid feedback is one of the best features of Twitter. Twitter allows for real-time interaction and instant feedback on your products and services. You know, if you post a terrific video, Twitter will tell you right away and if not, you could do it better next time.

If you have something that engages people, they will retweet it. That new audience will see your material, potentially connect with it, and possibly follow you, so make sure you’re providing them something of value. So keep that quality in mind.

It can be hilarious, humorous, or opinionated. Like I said, it may be edgy depending on who you are, your attitude, or the brand voice. Trying to understand what content will perform well, what will do well in your feed, and who will share it can be a little psychological.

What engagement rate should you aim for? You should aim for 2% – 3% in crypto, because it’s a small niche with a small group of individuals connecting and engaging with information. By bringing value to the community, you can increase engagement rates.

Getting your first 1000 twitter followers

How long it takes to gain your first thousand followers?

Think of your Twitter account as a party where you’re continually inviting people and building it out. To produce content that truly speaks to a person who you want to be there, it’s crucial to define your voice, tone, and audience. It’s critical to find your voice, create content, collect data, and then develop from there. Ads influencers can cost thousands of dollars. Without something to back up that spend, it’s just a waste of money.

As soon as you have four week-worth of content built up, you may start doing one to three tweets every day. It’s critical to start posting content. Content can vary, but get the high-level items down first, then add fuel.

What's next? How do you follow up?

Next step is to drive traffic

You may employ marketing, influencers, and other strategies to draw in additional audience. Now that you have a baseline and something for people to look at.

Twitter’s PPC suite optimizes for following. Pay per follower and receive highly targeted followers. That’s the beauty of paid Twitter acquisition. You’re paying for followers.
If you have strong content and decent copy in your ad, people will follow you and stick around.

It would be better if you already have an affiliate or referral scheme, or a Telegram or Reddit account. You can exploit that traffic to lead them to Twitter, where they’ll be excited and think, “Wow, this is perfect.”

If you have an audience elsewhere and want people to follow you on Twitter, run a contest. That’s a great approach to accomplish cross-channel promotion. An incentive you can provide them is wonderful, because you will have people who will share your stuff.

Then, engage and welcome them

It takes time to build a fresh account, create engaging material, and build an engaged audience. Because having a Twitter account is all about developing your authority on the internet, about having a place to expand up your community and better engage with them. That’s when you need to focus on the messaging, who your audience is, and how to engage them. They’ll talk about you 10 times more than you’d spend on ads.

There are so many niches and target audiences. And to be able to speak to them, draw them in, and know what information they want to see, you’re effectively reflecting them. You’re literally duplicating your material to your desired follower.

Retention strategy

You need a retention strategy such as giveaway. Because bringing in that many individuals for a credible prize is huge. People enjoy winning, especially money. So, if you want to attract folks in that way, go for it. So long as you’re covered legally, but just have a retention plan in place.


To summarize, what you need to do is to create a month’s worth of content, drive traffic to it with a big contest or incentive. And then have a retention plan that you’ll follow up with, like some really cool announcement or news or partnership or influencer that can get them very excited. Then they’ll tell their friends, because those are your biggest brand evangelists.

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